Isa Sch is a musician from Vienna, Austria. Her debut album „Fragments (Songs from my 20s)“ (out August 28,2020) is a collection of songs that were written by her over the last decade and recorded at home, reduced to merely piano and vocals. This simplistic form reflects how the songs were initially imagined: as a basis to always come back to that at the same time would allow for a song’s essence to crystallize.

The 11 songs on the album are fragments of ideas, fragments of moments, fragments of her 20s – fragments of a world of various facets. There’s everything from faster songs to bizarre and intimate moments depicting different aspects of life in her 20s, touching on themes like love, decision making or the search for truth…

For the accompanying lyric booklet Isa Sch collaborated with photographer and artist Nicola Montfort to visualize some of these aspects.

The album is available digitally for streaming or buying and the booklet can be downloaded here.